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The Blog Has Moved!
October 4, 2012, 8:48 pm
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Hellooooo Readers!

You may or may not have already noticed, but thanks to the technical genius of my friends at Mixtus Media, my blog has officially migrated to my personal website – – in an effort to streamline and simplify everything Amy Courts.


I hope you’ll join me over there. We’ve integrated and upgraded everything into a fancy-shmancy all-inclusive wordpress website, so along with my random ramblings, you’ll also have immediate access to streaming music, free downloads, new music, along with my Instagram and Twitter feeds.

And how does this help you? Well, when you find yourself bored in the middle of a long, uninteresting blog – which you undoubtedly will, because I can’t be interesting or entertaining all the time – PROBLEM SOLVED!

Instead of continuing to read said lame blog, you can look at pictures! Watch music videos! Download free music!

See? Very exciting.

So join me. Head over to, and subscribe to the NEW blog…and peruse the new site while you’re there.

As for this site…well, get your fill, cause it won’t be here forever. Or maybe it will. I’m honestly not sure. I’ve heard everything stays on the interwebs eternally. But I won’t be posting to it anymore. And I would hate for you to think I no longer wish to offer you something to read every so often.


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