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Five Gazillion Points to Apple, Inc.
May 18, 2009, 9:11 am
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So. Last week while I was away in North Carolina, Husband accidentally sent our little blue iPod shuffle through the washer and dryer. Rookie mistake. He’d been listening to it all day, carrying it conveniently around in his shirt pocket, and totally forgot it was there when he threw the shirt in the washer with the rest of the laundry. And so the shuffle was washed and dried.

He told me I’d kill him when he told me what he did, but I said “meh, it was $50. Replaceable enough, though frustrating…and actually kind of hilarious.” 

Anyway, so we kept on turning it on to see if it’d work again but the little light never came on. We even put it in a bag of rice overnight, after hearing that one should do so with any electronic device that has been immersed in water, as the rice serves to absorb all moisture, sucking it from the device and thereby drying it out. But that didn’t work either. No light. We figured it was dead. 

But then, last night, as I nearly purchased another shuffle on ebay which was listed as “under warranty until 2010,” I thought “maybe this thing has a warranty?” So I did some research, found the troubleshooting page, followed the directions and reset everything, then plugged it back into the power source (the MacBook you all know I love so much), and waited. 

Lo and behold, the little orange light came on, iTunes recognized the shuffle, pulled up the playlist, and asked me (yet again, and oh-so annoyingly) to register the iPod. So I did. 

But that’s not the point. The point is that after 10 minutes of letting the iPod recharge it’s washed-and-dried battery, IT PLAYED SONGS!!!!! 

No. Let me say that again: IT PLAYED SONGS!!!!


So let me recap:
1) The iPod shuffle was washed and dried. In high water and heavy heat.
2) The iPod came back to life after simply recharging the battery.

Yep, that’s about it. 

So Apple, Inc. – and, more specifically, the genius who designed the iPod shuffle – just earned five gazillion points (and a rather exuberant, if utterly unread blog) from me for creating a piece of technology that can actually survive extended immersion in water. 

Kudos, Apple. Big kudos. 

And hey, PC: Try that!

***Disclaimer: In no way and by no means do we recommend that you conduct your own deliberate research to learn whether your iPod or otherly-branded mp3 player can sustain extended immersion in water or any other stupid-human-damage.***


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i need to visit you in nashville so i can buy a refurb’d mac!

zebediah may or may not have thrown a friend of mine’s on the floor… and it survived.

Comment by leanna jackson

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