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Help! I Need Somebody!
September 17, 2012, 9:41 am
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I am woefully aware this morning that I have recently been, uh, negligent as regards daily quiet time to breathe in Scripture and live it out.

Not that I’ve been totally dismissive of spiritual food… I mean, we attend church (most weeks). I download the sermon podcasts from weeks we miss, and faithfully listen while running. I engage in many theological and spiritual discussions throughout the week.

And I swear, I really do love Jesus!

But I am negligent, none the less.

Case in point, number one: Last night, my Facebooking was interrupted by a message from a dear friend encouraging me to read, soak in, and be encouraged by Psalm 107.

So I googled ‘Psalm 107,’ was redirected to, and, upon seeing how dreadedly long that stupid Psalm is, I skimmed it, thought to myself, “awww…,” and immediately returned to scouring my Facebook feed for offensive political posts to which I could respond with appropriate self-righteous anger and dismay.

Case in point, number two: Late last week, I was invited by email to join a “Scripture Encouragement Exchange.” It’s like one of those book exchanges where you invite six people, and each of you sends a book to the person at the top of the list (and that person ends up with like 300 books), and then you add your name to the number two slot and forward it on.

Only with this, it’s as simple as sending an encouraging verse to a stranger.

Guess who’s procrastinating, because she “just can’t think of six people to invite.”

I know, I know.

Please line up to punch me in the face. One at a time.

And then, once you’ve punched me, please help:

Send me your suggestions for a good, in depth daily devotional or study of some sort. Your favorite devotional…or Bible Reading guide…whatever.

And keep me accountable.

Because I firmly believe and trust that, “As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish, so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater, so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.” (Isaiah 55:10-11)

But I’ve got to let Him plant the seeds and water them if I’m to enjoy any growth…


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Dude. I am in this same place. And have been for months. And I keep feeling that I need to do better and then I resolve to do better and then somehow a whole day goes by without me having/making time and then a week… and then a month… I even have youversion up permanently on my computer to try to remember to do some reading and I still rarely do. I dunno. In the past, My Utmost For His Highest was really inspiring to me. And then there is some Eugene Peterson devotional that occasionally blew my mind… I’ll look on my shelf when I get home and see what it is.

Maybe we should be keeping each other accountable, lol.

I think some of my issue is that, I come from a very fundamental, conservative background. And reading the Bible for myself has brought me to being what is considered to be fairly liberal… lol. But I think that the more “liberal” I become, the more I start to struggle with this worry that everybody I grew up with can’t possibly be wrong and maybe I’m wrong about what the Bible says and at this point I have not been studying it that much since Brae was born so what do I really know? I really need to just let it go and let the words speak to me… and not worry about whether it proves me right or wrong.

Comment by Misty

Misty, I would LOVE this. I mean…to keep each other accountable on this. I know it sounds so youth group cliche, but….

And I struggle with the same stuff. Seriously. Going “This is what I believe, but what if I’m waaaay wrong!?” I’ve been really encouraged by our pastor, lately, because he’s been drilling home the fact that it’s not about “being right” but about “being present with Christ.” Of course, we want to be right, and have correct/true doctrine…but it’s the lesser thing. Being with Him is the greater thing. But it’s still a gamble. Always is. And I’m no risk-taker! But yes…letting the Word speak for Himself…

Let’s do this.

Comment by amycourts

Sounds awesome to me! Youth group cliche and all… my college years spent having accountability partners and all that were the years that I learned and grew the most and the years that formed who I am now in Christ. So maybe there is something to the cliche. haha.

so how you wanna do this? We could even read the same devotional or whatever?

Comment by Misty

I think it’d be cool to pick the same thing and go through it “together”ish! What are your thoughts?

Comment by amycourts

Sounds awesome! I guess we can see what suggestions there are and maybe pick one? I’ll see what I can find as well.

Maybe The Purpose Driven Life?

(that was sarcasm. just in case. lol. I never could get through it… even in college at the height of my devotional reading phase)

Comment by Misty

Topping my personal favorites list for spiritual sustenance is, curated by yours truly 😉

Seriouisly, though, Scotty Smith’s daily contribution to the blog roll at The Gospel Coalition is my e-devotional/daily dose of scripture mass email. More of a daily prayer with scripture references than a devotional with study questions, Scott’s words are filled with compassion and conviction while remaining applicable to current real-world events and down to earth life application. I’ve forwarded one of the latest entries to your inbox.

Comment by plasso design

I didn’t realize you did a devotional! holy!

And I will check out Sir Smith’s. He’s from Nashville, right??

Comment by amycourts

Why, yes he is!

Comment by plasso design

LOVE this! Be encouraged. Fight the good fight!

Comment by Cassandra Louise

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