amy courts: en route

Where AM I?! Oneders? Anyone?
April 21, 2010, 6:41 pm
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I’m not precisely sure how I tumbled into what is an increasingly surreal current existence, but yes: That IS me, Amy Courts…with my two idols-if-I’m-allowed-to-have-idols, Jennifer Knapp and Derek Webb, and Isaac & Taylor Hanson of Hanson (think ‘MmmBop’) fameage. Where AM I?

Lenny: “How did we get here!?”
Guy: “I led you here. For I am Spartacus.”


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I love that movie!

Comment by Misty

WTF? This is rad.

“Dear, bidi-bidi-bom-bom is Spanish for mmm-bop.”

“Hello, Illinois!!!! Land of Lincoln.”

Comment by Micah DL

He is blessing you…there is a plan. Do it, follow Him !

Comment by Ann

Holy Hanson! I’m jealous.

Comment by meetthebuttrams

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