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two years, nine months, and twenty days
December 13, 2008, 5:04 pm
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pauljumps1I think that’s right. I’m not good at counting, especially not calendar counting, because it requires me to employ the use of numbers backward and forward simultaneously. I can’t even think that way, let along count.

Anyway, Paul and I are coming up on our third anniversary. Three years. I know I’ll have more to share when the actual day comes, but for now, let me just say we are a among the most blessed.

At least I am.

We still like to hold hands. And make out.

He still makes me coffee every Saturday morning, just because it’s what we do.amypaulkissclose-small2

We still say “I Love You” a thousand times a day.

And we don’t just say it with words. We use our eyes, our hands, our hugs, our little favors.

Tonight, he made me tomato soup. And he added pesto.

No one else could know to do that.

But he did.

And that’s why I’m more in love today than I was on December 24, 2005, when he proposed. Or on February 23, 2006 when he showed up at the church in rhubarb red courderoy pants to say forever. Or yesterday, when he made coffee for himself so he’d be awake when I got home from babysitting.


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I am so happy for you!

Comment by Alyssa Burns

you two are so…..right.

Comment by micah d.l.

One can only hope and wish for such love…
Can I be jealous and very happy for you at the same time?
Many blessings!

Comment by heidi

Very nice. Sorry I couldn’t make it. Hopefully we can plan something next year (I am trying to, anyway).

Comment by Todd Newton

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