amy courts: en route

November 25, 2008, 10:07 am
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It’s when I’m least expecting
These memories do their worst
History spins me round until
I’m dizzy, drowning in old hurt

I try to seal them off
Imprison them by hope
Turn back to where I’m headed now
Leave them bound, tied, roped

Still, always, they untangle
And come after me again
Teasing, haunting, laughing, taunting
Tearing from within

And yet, I press still onward
Determined if distraught
Leaning on a future
Trusting all history has taught

Perhaps I’ll never lose for good
These stinging memories
But learn to sift and from them pull
All worth remembering


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lovely. i usually hate rhyming poems but i loved this. you write beautifully. much more eloquently than i could ever imagine writing. and i definitely feel you on this. the direction life is pulling me right now is bringing up all sorts of sore memories. but there is so much more good for me in it than bad. this was a good reminder to me that i need to get over myself.

Comment by leanna jackson

Amy this is beautiful. Your writing captures a feeling that I think we’ve all experienced and all not known how to deal with. You are an amazing woman. I miss and love you dearly …

Comment by Kami Joy

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