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This is Not a Revolutionary Idea

I’ve believed for a long time the Christ-difference is in how He turned everything upside down.

Jesus taught the folly of pride and the glory of humility, the concepts of the least being greatest, the last being first, the most powerful being the empowerer. He is the King whose Kingship is marked by service, the Savior who takes the place of the one who thinks he doesn’t need saving. Perfection willingly taking on imperfection, He is the living, breathing demonstration of authentic love, power, and glory being utterly and unconditionally self-sacrificial.

His Way is the quintessential opposite of human nature. And in all He did and taught, Jesus turned things upside-down, backward.

But it has occurred to me – and this is not a revolutionary idea – that Jesus’ Way is not upside down or backward; we are. All along, His way was the intended way.

And all along, from Adam to me, He has set about the business of putting us right-side-up.

Perhaps that’s why we’re all so dizzy.

"Jesus Washing Peter's Feet" (by Ford Maddox Brown)


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